SANDAG provides a convenient, open API to its demographic data. From this API, developers and researchers can access demographic and housing data from all of the SANDAG population datasets. The application uses modern RESTful URLs to access the data. The data is returned in easy to use JSON syntax. Go ahead, build your application today.



Export Usage

SANDAG also provides the Excel (XLSX) and pre-formatted PDF exports of its population and housing data through the API. Using the following syntax you can request one or more geographies to be exported directly to Excel or PDF.

PDF Export => https://datasurfer.sandag.org/api/<datasource>/<year>/<geography>/<zone>/<dataset+>/export/pdf
Excel Export => https://datasurfer.sandag.org/api/<datasource>/<year>/<geography>/<zone>/<dataset+>/export/xlsx

Area Mapping (GeoJSON)

The current version of Data Surfer uses a Slippy map to render the geographic boundaries of a zone. The map uses a Leaflet base map and a geojson API call to generate the zone shape.


Area Map Images (Static)

In case you need a context map image for your application, the API provides static map images of all geography zones included in the API.